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What are the factors that affect the sterilization effect of ozone sterilizer?

Apr 13, 2018


Ozone sterilizer with oxygen or air to air, air compression, condensation after purification, filtration, drying pretreatment, into the high pressure discharge tube, in the high voltage discharge environment, partial oxygen excitation is decomposed into oxygen in the air, oxygen and oxygen atoms (or oxygen and oxygen) combined with ozone generated.

Ozone is mixed with water after the formation of the ozone aqueous solution has a strong bactericidal effect, it can quickly kill a variety of microorganisms and pathogens, widely when its concentration reaches 2 mg/L, 1 min, then to escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, bacterial spores, aspergillus Niger and yeast microbes to kill.


In actual production, insert barrels or concentration of ozone water in the bottle should be above 0.5 mg/L, otherwise there is no guarantee that kill residual microorganism, packaging material is likely to cause such results: product warehousing inspection, due to the low concentration of ozone bacteriostasis, live bacteria detection rate is low, but place a week later, due to the growth of bacteria breeding, quickly.everyone detection rate may be high.

The sterilization effect of ozone mainly depends on the amount of ozone in water.

The higher the amount of ozone in water, the better the sterilization effect.

The concentration of ozone in water depends on the concentration of ozone in the water, the water temperature and the dispersion of ozone in the water.

The higher the concentration of ozone, the lower the water temperature, and the higher the dispersion degree of ozone in water.

The more the ozone and water mix, the higher the ozone content in water, the better the sterilization effect.