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What are the factors affecting membrane performance?

Apr 21, 2018

The rate of recovery:

In order to save energy and investment, we always hope to operate at the highest possible recovery rate, but the high recovery rate will result in high brine concentration, pollution or scaling of the membrane.

The temperature:

In the 10 ~ 30 ℃ 1 ℃ write 2 ~ 3%

reverse osmosis equipment .jpg

1.The water flux increased and the salt retention rate was increased.

The polarization of concentration and concentration:

In reverse osmosis desalination process, because the water through the membrane unceasingly, causes the increase of solution concentration, the membrane surface in the film in a solution of high side, from the membrane surface to feed liquid to form a concentration gradient, hindered the reverse osmosis process, this phenomenon is called the concentration polarization.

The concentration polarization causes the membrane permeability and desalination rate to decrease.

In order to reduce the phenomenon of concentration polarization, it is generally adopted to improve the fluid flow rate, so as to prevent the increase of the surface concentration of the membrane.