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What are the effects of multi-media filters?

multi-media filters is a kind of pressure filter, using the filter in the filling of refined quartz sand filter material, when water from top to bottom through the filter layer, the suspended solids in the water and gluten particles has been removed, thus reduce the turbidity of water.

It is mainly used for water treatment of turbidity, softening water, electrodialysis, reverse osmosis pretreatment, and can also be used in surface water, groundwater and other aspects.

Can effectively remove suspended solids in water, organic matter, colloid, sand and so on.

It can be widely used in electronic power, petrochemical industry, metallurgical electroplating, paper making, pharmaceutical dialysis, food and beverage, drinking water, factory enterprise water, swimming pool, etc.

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It can meet the needs of liquid filtration in various industries.

Multi-media filter is one of the most effective methods to remove suspended solids in water. It is an important unit in sewage treatment, wastewater reuse and water treatment.

The effect is to further remove the flocculating pollutants in the water, which can achieve the purpose of clean water through the interception, settling and adsorption of the filter material.

Scope of application

1. For the industrial water, domestic water and municipal water supply system that requires the water turbidity to be less than 5mg/L to meet the drinking water quality standard;

2. Removal of suspended solids and solids in industrial sewage;

3. It can be used as the pretreatment equipment in the softening and desalting system of ion exchange, and the coarse filtration equipment for industrial water supply with low water quality requirements;

And used in the swimming pool recycling system, cooling water purification system and so on.