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What are the drinking water treatment equipment?

Jan 09, 2018

Drinking water treatment equipment mainly includes the soft water machine, pure water machine, water filter, precision filter, faucets and road design, equipment installation and after-sales service, etc., this is a whole set of water treatment equipment for consumers.

At present, the water treatment equipment in the market mainly includes three types: soft water machine, pure water machine and water purifier.

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1. Without changing the chemical properties of water, there are no side effects on human body.

2. The scaling effect is obvious.

The equipment is installed in the water cycle system, the original scale thickness under 2 mm, usually 30 days or so can gradually make its mobility, after processing scale is granular, with the sewage discharge pipeline, pipeline system, not jams.

When the old scale falls off, there is no new scale in a certain range.

3. The equipment is small in size and easy to install, which can be used unattended for a long time.

4. When the water flows through the equipment, the water can be turned into magnetized water, and there is a certain inhibition and killing effect on the bacteria in the water.

5. Non-corrosive equipment can prolong the service life of the servo equipment.


1. Living facilities: various hot water boilers, central air conditioners, heat exchange systems, household central air conditioners, wall hanging boilers, etc.

2. Industrial general equipment: air compressor, refrigerator, heat exchanger, cooler, etc.

3. Application of special industries: scale, scale removal, magnetization and sterilization of water equipment in food, pharmaceutical and alcoholic industries.