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What are the common sewage treatment technologies?

May 27, 2018

Adopt reasonable water treatment technology, cooperate with water depth treatment, water can reach gb5084-1992, cecs61-94 water recycling standard, can be used for a long time, save a lot of water resources.

Water treatment is the process of improving water quality by means of physical, chemical and biological methods for water or water that does not meet the requirements of water quality.

Commonly used water treatment technology for the physical and chemical method, such as Activated Sludge Process (Activated Sludge Process), Biological crusts method (Fixed Biofilm the Processes), hybrid Biological method (Combined in the Processes), etc.;

Coal chemical wastewater reuse equipment.jpg

Physical and Chemical method, such as grain mass Filtration (Granular Media Filtration), Activated Carbon Adsorption, Activated Carbon Adsorption), Chemical Precipitation method, Chemical Precipitation), Membrane filter/chromatography (be the Processes), etc.;

Natural process, such as Stabilization pond (Stabilization Ponds), the oxidation ditch process (Aerated or Facultative Lagoons), the method of artificial wetland (Constructed Wetlands), chemical color ksetra-ksetrajna resin processing method. Nanofiltration membrane separation principle