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What are the characteristics of zero-emission equipment?

Sep 09, 2018

The characteristics of

The pretreatment unit adopts the special effect softening process package developed independently.

The hardness is greatly reduced, the pollution of membrane unit is effectively reduced, the cleaning frequency is reduced, and the recovery rate is stable.


It is suitable for the treatment of wastewater with high hardness, low turbidity and high salinity.

High recovery and high concentration times

The investment of post-purchase scale can be greatly reduced, saving over 50% of operation cost

Scope of application

Photoelectric wastewater reuse equipment .jpg

Coal chemical, petrochemical, other chemical, oil production, steel and other industries, to help enterprises solve the concentrated salt water discharge problem

Typical performance

Ning coal high saltwater device deeply disposes and reuses methanol plant clean water high saltwater and methanol olefin clean water and saltwater station bed regeneration waste water.

The processing scale is 700 m3/h.

The reverse osmosis concentrated water of the clean launching device with salt content (TDS) of 3000 mg/L is influent water. Through a series of processes such as softening and removal of hardness, coagulation precipitation, mechanical filtration, membrane filtration concentration, electrodialysis and evaporation crystallization, the raw water is finally separated into salt mud with water content of less than 15%, thereby achieving zero discharge.

Effluent disposal of sludge produced during the project.