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What are the characteristics of the RO-EDI high purity water equipment?

1) system control

The parameters such as flow rate, pressure, liquid level, water quality, temperature and other parameters of the pure water equipment are automatically detected, displayed and connected with alarm.

2) equipment selection

The main equipment and accessories are imported high quality international famous products or domestic quality products;

EDI equipment.jpg

The system pretreatment and RO parts are selected UPVC pipe and accessories, and the EDI part and pure water conveying part are selected PP pipes and accessories;

The RO membrane module selects imported products with high throughput, high retention rate and strong chemical stability.

Key electrical components and pneumatic valves and other imported products, reliable operation.

3) comparison with traditional ion exchange resin system.

Without acid and alkali regeneration, it can save a lot of acid, alkali and washing water and greatly reduce labor intensity.

No waste acid waste alkali liquor discharge, is clean production technology, green environmental protection products;

It can provide continuous water supply for a long time;

Small footprint (less than 1/4 of traditional craft);

The process is easy to realize automatic control;

To produce good water quality, water resistivity > 17 m Ω · cm.

Reverse osmosis water treatment technology is basically a physical desalting method, which has the outstanding characteristics of traditional water treatment methods in many aspects:

1. Reverse osmosis is to desalinate and purify saltwater with a non-phase-changing physical method at room temperature.

The desalination rate of the ultrathin composite membrane element can reach up to 99.5%, and can remove the colloid, organic matter, bacteria, virus and so on.

2. Water treatment relies on water pressure as the driving force, and its energy consumption is the lowest in many water treatment methods.

3. Reverse osmosis can continuously operate water, the system is simple, easy to operate, and the product quality is stable.

4. High degree of automation of reverse osmosis device, and the operation maintenance and equipment maintenance work is very low.

5. The equipment covers a small area and requires little space.

6. Adapt to the treatment of brackish water and seawater, and adapt to low salinity water treatment.

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