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Industrial reverse osmosis equipment process flow.

Feb 03, 2018

The original water, the original water tank, the original pump, the multi-media filter (the silica sand filter), the activated carbon filter, the precision filter, the high pressure pump, the primary reverse osmosis (RO) device, the pure water tank, and the water point.

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· high desalination rate, and can remove bacteria, toxins and other organic matter at the same time, and the water quality of the water is in conformity with the national standard gbi7323-1998;

Reverse osmosis pure water equipment, the main parts adopt imported composite membrane element and imported stainless steel pump, high-pressure water adaptability, desalination rate and service life, etc., compared with other reverse osmosis element, has a unique advantage;

· design pressure :1.05~ 1.6mpa, desalting rate :96~99%;

· high degree of automation, stable operation, low failure rate and low operating cost;

· low energy consumption and low operating cost.

· reasonable structure and small footprint.

· advanced membrane protection system. When the equipment is turned off, the water can automatically flush the pollutants from the membrane surface to prolong the film life.

· the system is free of vulnerable parts and requires no extensive maintenance, and the operation is effective in the long run.

Reverse osmosis equipment not only can be used in the food and beverage industry, it can also be used in the electronic industry to clean water, water treatment recycling, bitter salt water, seawater desalination, etc.