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What are the characteristics of river water purification equipment ?

Mar 30, 2018

The combination of traditional coagulation, precipitation, filtration and other water purification processes is completed in one equipment, which occupies less land and is convenient to install.

The operation is automatic and intelligent.

The computer can be controlled according to the user's needs, and the man-machine dialogue is fully realized.

Environmentally friendly river purifiers.jpg

In addition to the management of water pump and drug addition system, the equipment is automatically carried out from water, coagulation, precipitation, filtration, water discharge, recoil, sewage discharge, etc. No manual operation is required.

With strong adaptability, the effluent water quality is stable, reliable and adequate. When the source water turbidity is up to 3000 mg/l, the turbidity can be stable at 3 mg/l, and the turbidity standard of tap water.

The cost of water purification is only 0.19 yuan (for example, 100T/H). The difference between water and deep well is more than 1 yuan, and the economic benefit is significant.