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What are the characteristics of external ultrafiltration membrane?

Mar 31, 2018

Long life of film wire: special process to ensure the high strength of film wire, no breaking silk phenomenon;

Water quality is high: the nominal pore diameter is less than 0.01mm, which can remove microorganisms (including two insects, bacteria and viruses) to ensure the safe and reliable water quality.

Intermediate control fiber ultrafiltration membrane .jpg

Good oxidation resistance: all salts, acids, bases, aromatic hydrocarbons, halogens, etc.

Permanent hydrophilic: special process to ensure the film's permanent hydrophilic;

Stronger anti-pollution: apart from hydrophilic, unique structural design further enhances anti-pollution ability;

Detachable structure: stronger nano pollution ability, higher service life, extremely low replacement cost, can change the film wire separately, without replacing the membrane shell.