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What are the characteristics of electron grade ultrapure water?

Jul 30, 2020

1. Reverse osmosis system adopts automatic control, main components are imported components, high stability, simple and convenient operation;

2. Ensure the water quality is stable when EDI system is shut down for short or long time through professional technology;

3. Ultra-pure water equipment adopts authentic imported EDI membrane reactor with stable performance, long service life, and stable continuous effluent water quality without fluctuation;

reverse osmosis equipment

4. EDI flowmeter in ultra-pure water equipment adopts magnetic induction float flowmeter imported from Germany, which can prevent the damage to membrane reactor caused by non-concentrated aquatic water caused by blocked channels of concentrated water or other equipment faults;

5. It has safety functions of various devices such as waterless protection, high and low pressure protection, etc.;

6. All controls adopt automatic mode, main components adopt imported components, high stability, simple and convenient operation;

7. The main electrical components are under the Brand of Schneider from France, guaranteed in quality and quantity, and designed according to good configuration.