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What are the applications of ultra-pure water?

Mar 08, 2018

Pure water refers to the removal of strong dielectric materials that are easy to be removed in water, and the removal of weak electrolytes such as silicic acid which is difficult to remove to a certain extent.

The salt content of pure water is below 1.0mg/L, and the conductivity is less than 0.

Ultra pure water (high pure water) means to remove the conductive medium in the water almost completely, and remove the colloid substance, gas and organic matter which are not dissociated in water to a very low degree of water.

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The salt content of high purity water is below 0. 3mg/L, and the conductivity is less than 0.2mu s/cm.

1, electronic, electric power, electroplating, lighting appliances, laboratory, food, papermaking, chemical, building materials, paint, battery, laboratory, biological, pharmaceutical, petroleum, chemical, steel, glass, etc.

2. Chemical process water, chemical agents, cosmetics and other pure water.

3. Monocrystalline silicon, semiconductor wafer cutting manufacturing, semiconductor chips, semiconductor packaging, wire shelving, integrated circuit, liquid crystal displays, conductive glass, kinescope, circuit boards, optical communication, computer components, condenser cleaning products and various components such as production process with pure water.

4. Cleaning of high voltage transformer?