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What are the applications of electrodialysis?

May 01, 2019

The most common application of electrodialysis in wastewater treatment is:

1) treat alkaline papermaking waste liquid, recover alkali from concentrated liquid and lignin from light liquid;

2) separating and concentrating metal ions from wastewater containing metal ions, and then further treating or recycling the concentrated liquid

3) separation of radioactive elements from radioactive waste water;

4) preparation of sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide from mirabilite waste liquor;

5) preparation of sulfuric acid and deposition of heavy metal ions from waste pickling solution;

6) treatment of electroplating wastewater and waste liquid, Cu2 +, Zn2 + and Cr (Ⅳ), Ni2 + of metal ions in waste water are suitable for processing by electrodialysis method, is widely used in it from the nickel plating liquid waste recycling nickel, many factories practice shows that using this method can realize closed cycle.