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What are the applications of electrodialysis?

Apr 29, 2019

Electrodialysis was first used for desalination to make drinking water and industrial water, concentrated seawater to make salt, and combined with other unit technologies to make high purity water. Later, it has been widely used in wastewater treatment.

Into in wastewater treatment, according to the process characteristics of electrodialysis operation has two types: one is composed of Yin and Yang membranes alternate arrangement of ordinary electrodialysis technology, mainly used for pure ion separation of pollutants from wastewater, or pollutants in the wastewater ion and nonelectrolyte separation of pollutants, with other methods;

The other is a special electrodialysis dimerization process composed of composite membrane and positive membrane. The polarization reaction in the composite membrane and the electrode reaction in the electrode chamber are used to produce H+ ion and OH- ion, and then the acid and alkali are prepared from the waste water.