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What are the application fields of water recycling equipment?

Sep 22, 2018

Widely used in: electroplating, auto parts, electronic enterprises, plastic products, power plants, electronics, pharmaceutical, metal processing and other enterprises.

Although the quality of treated sewage is not up to the water requirement, it can be used in toilet flushing, garden and farmland irrigation, road cleaning, car washing, urban fountain and cooling equipment to replenish water, and some production lines that do not require high water quality can be recycled.

This not only saves water, but also reduces the discharge of waste water.

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Water recycling process

1. Effluent water quality: all the indicators can meet the requirements of table 3 of the new standard, and the water return rate is over 60%.

2. Usage: it is applicable to enterprises that have serious overstandard of various indexes in electroplating wastewater or have certain recycling requirements for wastewater.

3, process is introduced: B not easy blocking membrane water reuse technology, is increased after chemical precipitation process in class C reverse osmosis treatment system, through the reverse osmosis membrane for heavy metal ions, COD and NH3 - N removal effect, all kinds of water quality indexes in produced water is far lower than the threshold of the new standard, and realize the wastewater reuse, back powerusageeffectiveness as high as 60% above, responded to the call of the national energy conservation and emissions reduction.

Our company adopts the international first-class anti-pollution membrane material, and reasonable design and careful maintenance can effectively alleviate the problem of membrane fouling.