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What are the advantages of water purification?

Mar 27, 2018

1, integrated water purifier itself from reaction, flocculation precipitation, water, water distribution, backwashing filter, the body, mud and a series of running the program, achieves the effect of the fully automatic operation, in the central control cabinet have PLC1, the personnel on duty as long as the timing for water quality monitoring, don't need to water purification equipment operation management.

2, high concentration of flocculation layer, can make the impurity in the raw water particles in the meantime fully collision contact, increases the probability of adsorption, and can adapt to all kinds of raw water of water temperature and turbidity, high removal rate of impurity particles.

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3. The quick sludge concentration room and the adjustable automatic sludge discharging system can ensure the timely removal of the excess sludge, thus guaranteeing the stable removal rate of impurity particles.

Ⅳ effective flocculation and sedimentation effect, make the precipitation water quality has maintained a good condition.

Ⅴ novel and original water system and the province sets water head, uniform water is more effective and not only improve the utilization coefficient, volume and the minimal water head.

Ⅵ water purification system automation, not only ensure the efficient filter water purification system (in raw water turbidity is less than 3000 mg/l, after filter water turbidity can keep around 3 mg/l), and can automatically recoil, without setting up backwash water pump or electrical equipment such as air compressor, and save a lot of infrastructure investment and daily operation, maintenance, maintenance costs.

4. The equipment has a low water consumption rate of about 3%, which plays an active role in saving precious water resources.

5. Small footprint, compared with the general water structure, it can save more than 50% of the ground, and the height is about 2.9 meters, and can be accommodated both indoors and outdoors.

6. Convenient for expansion, reconstruction, relocation, or relocation.

7. The construction period is short, which is one quarter of the construction period of the conventional clarifying and filtration facilities.

8. The outlet height of pure water is greater than 2m, and the clean water tank can be built in half ground. The clean water pump is self-irrigation water absorption, and the operation is more reliable.