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What are the advantages of reverse osmosis?

Jul 26, 2018

PI is not heated and has no phase change;

Student: less energy consumption;

Continuous process stability;

The torque device is small in size, simple in operation and highly adaptable.

Waste does not pollute the environment.

The reverse osmosis ultra-pure water system adopts different processes according to the water quality of different sources.

reverse osmosis equipment.jpg

Generally tap water by level 1 reverse osmosis system, water conductivity < 10-20 mu S/cm, after secondary reverse osmosis system to produce water conductivity < 5 mu S/cm is even lower, after the reverse osmosis system by ion exchange equipment or preparation ultrapure water, EDI equipment can make the resistance rate is as high as 18 megohm. Cm).

When the reverse osmosis membrane is aged or polluted, the quality of water production will decrease.