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What are the advantages of portable ozone generator?

Apr 14, 2018


1. Quick response and low input, ozone can quickly kill the bacteria, spores and viruses that can not be removed by the sand filter, and have the effect of sterilization and inactivation at very low concentrations;


2, strong ability to adapt, in PH5.6-9.8, water temperature 0-37 ℃ range, little impact on ozone disinfection performance;

3. There is no persistent residual in water, and ozone is decomposed into oxygen without secondary pollution.


The half-life of ozone is very short, only 20 minutes;

5. Can destroy the organic matter in the water, improve the physical properties of water and the sense of organs, make decolorization and smell to taste, make the water blue, without changing the natural nature of water.