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What are the advantages of ion exchange - mixing bed?

Jun 23, 2018

Mixed bed is the abbreviation of mixed ion exchange column, which is designed for ion exchange technology.

The so-called mixing bed is to combine a certain proportion of Yang and anion exchange resin into the same exchange device to exchange and remove ions in the fluid.

Since the proportion of the Yang resin is greater than that of the Yin resin, the Yin resin in the mixed bed is in the upper Yang resin.

The proportion of the filling ratio is 1:2, and the filling ratio is 1:1.5. The choice can be considered according to different resin.

Mixed bed is also divided into internal synchronous regenerative mixing bed and in vitro regenerated mixed bed.

Mixed bed .jpg

Synchronous regenerative in operation of the mixed bed and the whole process are conducted in mixed bed regeneration, regeneration of the resin is not removed from the equipment, and Yang, Yin resin regeneration at the same time, so you need less accessory equipment, easy operation.

Mixed bed processing equipment includes mixed ion exchanger and in vitro regeneration equipment.

In vitro regeneration equipment mainly includes resin separator, Yin (Yang) resin regenerator, resin storage tower, mixed resin tower and acid and alkali regeneration equipment.

Equipment advantages

1. The water quality is excellent, and the pH value of water outlet is close to neutral.

2. The water quality is stable, and the short-term operating conditions change (such as water quality or composition, operation flow rate, etc.) have little effect on the water quality of the mixed bed.

3. The effect of intermittent operation on the water quality is small, and the time needed to restore the water quality before the shutdown is relatively short.

4. The recovery rate reaches 100%.