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What are the advantages of EDI ultra pure water equipment?

Jan 21, 2019

4. Easy startup/operation

Compared with the intermittent regeneration of mixed bed, the operation of regeneration is no longer needed.

EDI ultra-pure water equipment is simple to operate, requires less cutting door, and requires no operator to spend a lot of energy;

The operation requires only simple analysis and control.

5. Higher purity of water

Below 40 us/cm in water, water production more than 10 ~ 15 m Ω. Cm (25 ℃), are not affected by water rate fluctuations.

6. Higher recovery rate

If the hardness of water is less than 1ppm CaCo3, the recovery rate can reach 90-95%.

The concentration of wastewater in room C is about 300-400us/cm, and the discharge time is close to neutral.

The water of this part can enter the pre-ro system for reuse;

If the hardness of water exceeds 1ppm, CaCo3 will scale in room C, thus affecting the work.

In this case, the process before entering EDI ultra-pure water equipment should be adjusted to reduce hardness.

Softeners are recommended for water sources with higher hardness.