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What are the advantages of EDI ultra pure water equipment?

Jan 18, 2019

All the advantages and advantages of EDI ultra-pure water equipment system are more simple and clear to users. Xiaobian will analyze 7 performance advantages of EDI ultra-pure water equipment for you.

1. Continuous regeneration

Continuous regeneration replaces intermittent regeneration, which eliminates the need for backup ion exchange equipment.

Each module can carry out chemical cleaning independently, and the remaining modules can bear the short-term high flow.

EDI equipment

2. No chemical pollution

Continuous electrolytic resin regeneration eliminates the need for highly corrosive chemicals;

If the pre-ro system is functioning normally, cleaning is rarely required.

For example, the internal design of abnormal e-cell is enough to cope with periodic chemical cleaning;

E-cell eliminates investment in equipment for reprocessing corrosive chemicals.

Such as: alloy cutting door, pipe, water pump, chemical storage equipment and other related parts, save these parts of the installation, update, maintenance costs.

3. Convenient module replacement

The general life of modules is higher than 3-5 years;

Spare modules are easy to store.

The outer aluminum plate can protect the modules, pipes and food from damage.

EDI ultra pure water equipment module replacement is simple and fast.