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What are the advantages of EDI equipment?

Sep 17, 2018

1. Unique and advanced structure, smooth flow passage and low pressure

2. Fully closed design, completely free of leakage, simple and special material enclosure for daily maintenance and maintenance, good insulation performance, lightweight and beautiful, and convenient for replacement

3. The unique component and membrane shell can be separated, making it convenient to replace the resin and components

4. Wider water inlet index, wider adaptability

5. Modular combination facilitates the adjustment of water quantity in the system

6. Low operating voltage and low energy consumption

Ultra-pure water treatment of the deep layer to remove the salt in the water, so that the purity of the water.

The treatment system adopts booster pump, ultraviolet sterilizer, microhole filter, EDI device, pure water tank, pure water pump, polishing mixed bed and terminal filter.

EDI device is a mature technology to replace the mixed ion exchange bed after the application of reverse osmosis system, with stable water production quality, low operation cost and convenient operation and management.

EDI equipment.jpg

Small area and no harmful waste discharge advantages.

The development direction of ultra-pure water preparation technology has been adopted by major water treatment engineering companies all over the world.

It has been widely used in pharmaceutical, semiconductor, electric and photoelectric industries.

The advantages of EDI pure water equipment are as a whole six advantages: plug does not require acid and alkali regeneration;

Niti can be continuously produced: bud does not need to deal with waste acid and alkali;

Running cost is low;

Simple design and installation;

The water quality is stable.