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What are the advantages of DTRO?

Jul 05, 2018

Components are easy to maintain

DT membrane module using standardized design, component is easy to remove the maintenance, open the DT components can easily check to maintain any filter diaphragm and other parts, simple maintenance, when enough number of component parts, component allows short-ship some diaphragm and diversion plate and doesn't affect the use of the DT membrane module, all the maintenance work can be done at the scene.


· low replacement cost of filter diaphragm

Any single part within the DT component is allowed to be replaced separately.

Filtering part by multiple filter diaphragm and diversion plate assembly and become, when filter diaphragm need to change to a single replacement, the diaphragm can still continue to use to filter good performance, the largest program to reduce the cost in the membrane.

· high concentration ratio

DT components operating pressure has 75 bar, 75 bar to 200 bar at three levels optional, is one of the highest pressure rating for industrial application of membrane module, in some of the applications of high concentration ratio, the solid content can reach more than 30%, high concentration ratio.