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What are the advantages of customizing MBR devices?

Mar 23, 2018

Product Description
Organic Whole Equipment for Aptitude MBR Reclaimed Water Reuse is a kind of machine that combines MBR membrane separation technology with biological treatment technology and intelligent control technology. It features compact design, aesthetic appearance, small area, low cost, reliable operation, high automation as well as simple maintenance while discards defects in traditional sewage treatment technology. Secondary sedimentation tank was replaced and reclaimed water can be obtained through effective solid-liquid separation.


It is firstly used to remove biodegradable organic pollutant of waste water by activated sludge. And then, using MBR technology is to process solid-liquid separation for treated water and activated sludge. MBR technology has the same principle as activated sludge methodology for removing organics in waste water. The difference is that activated sludge methodology has a solid-liquid separation in sedimentation tank. However, the MBR technology is to make pure water discharge via membrane separation unit. MBR technology has a excellent processing effect on residential waste water (BOD<1 mg/l, COD=20-30mg/l, the processing capacity is 10-100m3/d).