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What are the advantages of cheap SBR reaction equipment?

Mar 18, 2018


Unlike traditional wastewater treatment process, SBR technology USES time division operation way alternative space division way of operation, unstable and biochemical reaction instead of steady state and biochemical reaction, let stand ideal replacement of traditional dynamic precipitation precipitation.

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The main characteristic of it is on the run orderly and intermittent operation, the SBR technology is the core of the SBR reaction pool, the pool set homogenization and initial setting, biodegradation, two functions in a pool, no return sludge system.

1. The ideal pushing process makes the biochemical reaction force increase and the efficiency is increased. The anaerobic and aerobic conditions in the pool are in alternating state, and the purification effect is good.

2. The operation effect is stable, and the sewage is settled in an ideal static state, which requires short time, high efficiency and good water quality.

3. Withstand impact load, the water in the pool is retained, which has the effect of diluting and buffering water, effectively resisting the impact of water and organic pollutants.

4. Each process in the process can be adjusted according to the water quality and water quantity, and the operation is flexible.

5. Less processing equipment, simple construction, convenient operation and maintenance management.

6. The concentration gradient of DO and BOD5 is present in the reaction tank to effectively control the expansion of activated sludge.

7. The SBR system itself is also suitable for the combination construction method, which is beneficial to the expansion and transformation of wastewater treatment plants.

8. Nitrogen removal and phosphorus removal, appropriate control of the operation mode, the realization of aerobic, hypoxia, anaerobic state alternation, with good nitrogen removal and phosphorus removal effect.

Simple process and low cost.

The main equipment has only one batch batch batch reactor, no two sinks, sludge reflux system, adjustment pool, initial sink can be omitted, the layout is compact, and the area is occupied.

 shortcomings editing

Rely heavily on modern automation control technology;

High degree of automation, operation, management and maintenance, high quality requirements for operation management personnel;

If manual operation is adopted, it will appear because of the complicated operation of the inlet and outlet operation, and the aeration board can be easily blocked.