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What are the advantages and disadvantages of home ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis?

Apr 26, 2018

Reverse osmosis water purification machine advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages: reverse osmosis water purification machines, water quality security, can remove all kinds of harmful impurities in water, the water supply, it is better to send events, water taste good, can reduce the hardness of water, after boiling water container does not produce scale.

Disadvantages: confidential use water pump, reverse osmosis water purification need electricity, electrical safety problems, joint, water pressure is high, the failure rate and leakage probability is relatively high, complex structure, higher cost price.

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Advantages and disadvantages of ultrafiltration machine.

Advantage: the ultra - filter water machine generally does not use pump, does not consume electricity, has no electrical safety problem.

The connection is low, the water is low, the normal water pressure of municipal running water can be used normally, the failure rate and leakage probability are relatively low.

Simple structure and cheap price.

Disadvantages: the ultrafiltration machine has poor effect on removing chemical pollutants in water.

The effect of water supply is poor, the water taste is general, it cannot reduce the hardness of water, and the boiling water container still has the possibility of scaling.