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What are our advantages in doing industrial water treatment?

Jul 21, 2018

System description
The Factory RO Water Purification Equipment removes the impurities like dissolved salts, colloid, bacteria, viruses, organics from pretreated water, to meet the production standard. The other systems also include pretreated system like MMF, UF, water sofener etc. Vantage RO systems serves process/waste water generation industries such as Power, General Industry, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Microelectronics, Solar, Data Centers.
 reverse osmosis equipment   .jpgFeatures

1) Removal of dissolved salts, 97%~99%;
2) Recovery rate up to 70~85%;
3) Get rid of the dissolved salts, colloids, bacteria, viruses and BOD;
4) Low operation cost and less maintenance;
5) RO for Power and Energy Industry, Water Recycling & Reuse, Food & Drinking Water;
6) Complete factory support for any and all inquiries;
7) Drawings and manuals available by contacting our sales representative.