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What about pure water equipment?

Oct 22, 2018

The hollow fiber is a slender membrane tube, and the inner wall is a membrane layer. The membrane layer is combined on the sponge type outer wall, with rough holes on the outer wall, and the inner layer plays a role of ultrafiltration separation.

The size of endometrial pore determines the size of the blocked material in the tube.

Made of inert non-ionic polymers with a unique anisotropic (epidermal) structure and significantly high flow rate, the hollow fibers pass through about 200 m.

reverse osmosis equipment  .jpg

Its features are:

The membrane area per unit volume in the outlet device is large.

The membrane wall is thin and the liquid passes through quickly.

Because the geometric configuration of hollow fiber has a certain pressure resistance, so high strength.

The methods of beverage sterilization include physical sterilization and chemical sterilization.

Chemical sterilization use hydrogen peroxide, ethylene oxide, sodium hypochlorite and other fungicides.

As chemical sterilization exists chemical residues and other effects, modern food sterilization tends to physical sterilization.

Physical sterilization is divided into hot sterilization and cold sterilization.

Thermal sterilization can be divided into thermal sterilization, dry sterilization, microwave sterilization and far infrared heating sterilization.

Cold sterilization can be divided into ultraviolet radiation sterilization, ionizing radiation sterilization and cold sterilization.

In the wet hot sterilization methods, there are pasteurization, high temperature short-time sterilization and ultra high temperature instantaneous sterilization methods.

So-called pasteurized (pasteurization) sterilization method is low temperatures over long periods of time, the sterilization temperature is below 100 ℃, holding time is 30 min.

High temperature short time sterilization (HTST), usually in the sterilization temperature of 100 ℃, such as milk HTST sterilization temperature is 85 ℃, keep more than 15 s.

Instantaneous ultra high temperature sterilization (UHT), the sterilization temperature above 120 ℃, only stay for a few seconds.

HTST and UHT sterilization are not only efficient, but also better in structure and appearance, nutrition and flavor preservation.