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Water treatment technology - ozone sterilization.

Jun 18, 2018

Ultraviolet sterilization is mainly using ultraviolet light of 254 nanometer wavelength.

The wavelength of ultraviolet light, even in trace amounts of ultraviolet projection doses, also can destroy the life of a cell core - DNA, thus prevent cell regeneration, the loss of regenerative capacity make it harmless bacteria, so as to achieve the effect of sterilization.

, like all other uv application technology, the system depends on the size of the intensity of the ultraviolet light (light intensity and power) and the contact time (with air or water, liquid, the duration of exposure to ultraviolet rays).


Uv water treatment technology - ozone removal.

In industrial production, ozone is often used to disinfect and purify water bodies.

But, as a result of ozone has strong oxidation ability, the remaining ozone in water if not removed can be possible, to influence the next process, therefore, usually the ozone treated water before entering the main technological process must be in water to remove residual ozone.

Ultraviolet light of 254 nm is very effective for destroying residual ozone, which can decompose ozone into oxygen.

Although different systems require different sizes, typically a typical ozone removal system requires about three times as much ultraviolet radiation as a conventional sterilization system.