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Water treatment development process

May 30, 2018

In ancient times, human beings did not have advanced water treatment technology. In order to reduce the water spread of diseases, they used simple grille interception and natural settlement to treat water.

Then, after years of observation and summarization, they also found that the sand can be used to filter out the fine suspended matter, and then the coagulation pretreatment of the drug appeared.

With the continuous progress of human civilization, human waste and environmental destruction have caused serious pollution of water resources.

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When all kinds of infectious diseases are spread by water, which causes many people to get sick or die, it is people who find out how important water treatment is.

That is why people are beginning to study water treatment technology.

Since the end of the 19th century, industrial technology has come a long way, and industrial sewage has been doubling every year.

Moreover, the rivers and lakes of the industrial powers were seriously polluted and gradually became public hazards.

Typical examples are near death of fishes in the river Thames in the UK is exhausted, the massive death of the Mississippi River creatures, Japan kumamoto minamata bay methyl mercury contamination, which resulted in the bone pain in the nearby residents.

Simple chemistry, physical methods, and the difficulty of disposing of the waste water have been found to be urgently needed to develop new water-treatment technologies.

Scientists of all countries have begun to study water treatment method, is the earliest sewage aeration experiment, then the biological membrane method, then is the artificial biological treatment method, and then to now targeted ion exchange method, electrochemical processes, such as high and new technology.

In the 1990s, with the idea of sustainable development, many countries began to use systems engineering methods.

Economic development and environmental protection are taken into account, and water treatment is not only to deal with the already formed sewage, but to control it from the source.

Due to the rapid economic development in recent decades, it was found that the traditional water treatment process has been difficult to meet the demand of the society, they began to apply biotechnology to water supply technology.

Not only that, with the emergence of water crisis, the process of sewage reuse has become a concern.

In order to improve the water quality and improve the present environment, the water treatment technology, such as land irrigation and oxidation pond, which is based on the principle of ecology, has also been developed.