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Understand the advantages and disadvantages of industrial wastewater treatment process A/O

Dec 21, 2020


High efficiency, high removal effect on organic matter and ammonia nitrogen in industrial wastewater;

Simple process, saving investment and low operating cost;

Anoxic denitrification process has high degradation efficiency for pollutants;

High volume load;

Anoxic/aerobic process has strong load impact resistance


Since there is no independent sludge return system, sludge with unique functions cannot be cultivated, and the degradation rate of refractory substances is low;

To improve the denitrification efficiency, the internal circulation ratio must be increased, thus increasing the operating cost. In addition, the internal circulation liquid comes from the aeration tank and contains a certain amount of DO, which makes it difficult for the A section to maintain an ideal anoxic state and affects denitrification. effect;

The influencing factors of the treatment effect include: hydraulic retention time, denitrification sludge concentration, total nitrogen concentration in influent, etc.