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Ultraviolet (UV) ultra-pure water treatment

Jan 02, 2018

Ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 240-280nm breaks the DNA's ability to produce proteins and replicates, with a wavelength of 265nm and the most powerful ability to kill bacteria.

The DNA of a bacterial virus, the ability to produce proteins and the ability to reproduce, has been lost since the RNA was damaged.

Because bacteria and viruses usually have a very short life cycle, bacteria and viruses that do not thrive will die quickly.

Ultraviolet light is the microorganism that prevents water from surviving so that it reaches sterilization and sterilization.

Now you can output sufficient UV intensity (UVC) strength for engineering disinfection as long as artificial mercury (alloy) light source.


Ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp tube is made of quartz glass tubes after mercury lamp according to light up the mercury vapor pressure is not the same and UV output intensity is not the same, can be divided into three types: low pressure mercury lamp, medium voltage, low strength high strength mercury lamp and low pressure mercury lamp.

Sterilization effect is by microbial shine on the doses of the resolution, together, have been UV output energy, and the type of lamp, light intensity and to use time, follow light aging, it will be the strength of the loss of 30% to 30%.

Ultraviolet light dose is arrived at must be inactivated bacteria rate, the demand for a particular wavelength UV: shine upon dose (J/m2) = time (s) (UVC intensity (W/m2) upon the dose, the greater the disinfecting power, the higher request, because the device scale usually shining moment as long as a few seconds, and therefore, tubes UVC output intensity became a measure of the primary parameters of ultraviolet disinfection equipment function.