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Ultrafiltration membrane preservation

Nov 13, 2019

The ultrafiltration membrane is generally immersed in a protective liquid for sealing and storage before use, to prevent shrinkage of the wet membrane after dehydration, the membrane pores become small, the membrane structure is broken, and the water flux is decreased.

Short-term storage: Ultrafiltration membrane should be sterilized and backwashed once when it is suspended (less than 10 days), and 15ppm (ml/L) HY-240 bactericide should be added to the backwash water before the ultrafiltration membrane is The inlet valve, drain valve and regulating valve are closed to maintain the sealing and sterilization of the ultrafiltration membrane.

Long-term preservation: If the ultrafiltration membrane is stopped for a long time (more than 10 days), the ultrafiltration membrane should be sterilized and backwashed once, and then HY-310 protective solution is injected into the ultrafiltration membrane and sealed and stored (preferably RO water). .