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Treatment of oily wastewater?

Sep 27, 2018

In the oilfield oily sewage treatment process, the oily sewage from the dewatering station first enters a large volume of sedimentation tank (generally 5,000 cubic meters). After a long period of subsidence, the oil content has been greatly reduced, and then enters the oil tank to guarantee the water quality after treatment.

Due to the large volume of sedimentation tank, the oil discharged by the dehydrator can be accommodated without affecting the pumping in the treatment of the dehydrator.

The oil is recycled directly.

Photoelectric wastewater reuse equipment.jpg

The sedimentation separation process of the oil and water in the tank is similar to that in the gravity sedimentation removal tank. The separated oil is transported through the central cylinder collecting tank and the oil recovery tank, into the oil recovery pump, and then sent back to the dewatering station for treatment.