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Treatment method for small water output of ultrafiltration membrane

Feb 22, 2020

If the use of ultrafiltration membranes needs to be guaranteed according to certain conditions, its performance will be affected by certain factors, and certain natural conditions or human behavior will cause the ultrafiltration membrane's water output to become smaller. After repeated trials, the following conclusions were drawn:

1. The effect of temperature on water production: water temperature increases, water molecule activity increases, viscosity decreases, resulting in increased water production, water temperature decreases, water production also decreases, that is, water production changes with temperature changes.

2. The effect of operating pressure on water production: when the pressure value is less than 0.3MPa, the water production of the ultrafiltration membrane increases as the pressure increases, the two are proportional, but once the pressure value exceeds this value, the water production is not Changes will occur again, the main reason is that the pressure is too high, resulting in increased water permeability of the ultrafiltration membrane.

3. The impact of flow rate on water production: when the flow rate is too fast, the water production volume will also change slightly, but it will not be obvious. However, if the flow rate is too slow, it will block the ultrafiltration membrane, so it is necessary to control the flow rate.

4. The effect of water turbidity on water production: Facts have proved that the water production of the ultrafiltration membrane decreases with the increase of the turbidity of the inlet water. When the turbidity reaches a certain level, the ultrafiltration membrane will block and cannot work normally.