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TOC water system solution for touch screen industry?

Nov 27, 2018

Ultra-pure water plays an increasingly important role in the production of circuit boards and electronic components in the electronics industry. The quality of ultra-pure water has become one of the important factors affecting the touch screen, quality of circuit boards and electronic components, production yield and production cost, and water quality requirements have become increasingly high.In the production of electronic components on touch screen, ultra-pure water is mainly used for cleaning water and preparation of various solutions and slurry. The use of pure water in the production of electronic components on different touch screens and the requirements on water quality are also different. High purity water is needed to clean the product in 80% of the process of touch screen production.Alkali metal (K, Na, etc.)

reverse osmosis equipment

 in the water can make insulation membrane pressure bad, heavy metals (Au, Ag, Cu, etc.) will reduce PN junction voltage, Ⅲ group elements (B, Al, Ga, etc.) will worsen n-type semiconductor properties, Ⅴ group elements (P, As, Sb, etc.) will worsen P type touch screen features, after high temperature carbonization of phosphorus bacteria in water (about 20-50% of the ash) can make the local area on the touch screen that resulted into n-type silicon device performance is bad, the particles in the water (including bacteria) such As adsorption in the surface of the touch screen, it will cause the product features.Blue sky ultrapure water systems are widely used in the touch screen industry, mainly combining with two-stage RO and EDI, cooperate with the appropriate terminal processing system (polishing, TOC, UV, UF) particles, such as organic carbon, resistivity, silica meet the technological requirements.