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TOC touch screen ultra pure water solution

Nov 26, 2018

With the launch of apple's iPhone, the touchscreen industry is again in the spotlight.In view of the current trend of rapid upgrade of touch screen technology in the flat panel display industry,Especially in the context of capacitive screen technology and more and more applications, touchTouch phones are also more popular than ever, in touch screen cleaning water requirementsVery high, EDI ultra pure water equipment has been able to touch screen industry in large NumbersThe use of.

reverse osmosis equipment

The water quality of ultra-pure water used for screen cleaning is completely in accordance with ASTMPure water water quality standards and electronic industry in China the technology of electronic grade water quality standard (18 m Ω. Cm),China's ministry of electronic industry high water quality trial standards, the United States semiconductor industry pure water indicators,Japanese IC water quality standard, domestic and foreign large scale integrated circuit water quality standard. EDI ultra-pure water equipment is used in touch screen industry.