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Tips for buying water treatment equipment

Jan 01, 2020

As everyone's environmental awareness increases, more and more water treatment equipment is used, but how to choose the right water treatment equipment is also a big problem. Take everyone to understand what factors need to be considered in the purchase of sewage treatment equipment?


The first is the safety of the process and technology, which can ensure that the required indicators are met. For example, the effective removal of heavy metal ions and the control of microbial content. Secondly, the components of water treatment equipment are safe, and there must be no harmful exudates.


The two things to look at in a water treatment device are the tank materials. Materials such as stainless steel, glass steel, cast iron, aluminum, food grade resin or PVC currently exist on the market. The first three are materials with better compression resistance and can be used as pre-filters. The latter two are materials with relatively poor pressure resistance, and can only be used at the rear end of the pre-filter, as a direct drink machine.


Purified water is to remove sediment, impurities, bacteria, heavy metals, residual chlorine, organic matter, and some minerals in the water. Demineralized water is to remove calcium and magnesium ions in water, which is directly called scale. Generally, demineralized water only needs to use a cationic resin to complete ion exchange and remove calcium and magnesium ions. The softened water has clean skin. Purified water is different from demineralized water, and it needs to use a lot of different filter materials in order to achieve the predetermined purification requirements.