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The zero discharge of desulfurization wastewater from power plant is discussed.

Mar 02, 2018

At present, the domestic desulfurization wastewater treatment rely mainly on chemical precipitation process, it can meet the requirements of the existing desulfurization wastewater discharge standard, but with the action plan for water pollution prevention and control of water (10), countries began to intensify of the desulfurization wastewater treatment, the application of chemical precipitation will be restricted.

And with fly ash resources, the mixing method with fly ash no longer applies.

The most widely used treatment technology in China is chemical precipitation method. Its technology is mature, which can make the desulphurization wastewater meet the standard discharge, but there is a problem of low efficiency of chloride ion, selenium and mercury.

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Through the analysis of domestic desulphurization wastewater treatment situation, it is concluded that the flue evaporation technology has a certain potential, it can realize the desulfurization wastewater zero emissions, and possesses the advantages of low operating cost, but there could enhance the system corrosion, the influence of fly ash utilization, etc.

In addition, compared with the United States, the emission standard of domestic desulphurization wastewater is not high for selenium and mercury, so the depth treatment technology will not be applicable for a period of time.

But in the future, the environmental protection standard of desulphurization wastewater is strict, and the depth treatment technology will attract wide attention of the industry.

In some areas due to the environmental protection pressure, some power plants are required to desulfurization wastewater zero emissions, and steam evaporation enrichment technology cost is too high, the application of evaporation pool strongly restricted by geography, therefore, the evaporation technology in the future for a period of time will be taken seriously, its major technical shortcomings need to be reassessed and conquer.

In terms of the current emission standards of domestic desulfurization wastewater, other technologies, such as chemical precipitation and trace evaporation, can make the discharge of desulphurization effluent to the standard.

But through the analysis of the domestic situation, think the future a period of time, the traditional process application limited depth treatment technology is not applicable, and as a zero discharge of evaporation pool, evaporation flue will cause widespread attention, but its major technical shortcomings need to be reassessed and conquer.

My company based on the current desulfurization wastewater spray filter problem, has been studied, through detailed communication to understand and design institute and power plant, to make a detailed test plan, the desulfurization waste water filtering, we test preparation more groups of different precision filter, several experiments, the analysis of each experiment data are finally came to the conclusion that ensure the spray effect.