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The working principle of multi-media filter.

Feb 05, 2018

The operation of high efficiency continuous filter can be divided into two independent and simultaneous processes of raw water filtration and filter cleaning regeneration.

The two are performed in different locations of the same filter, which is powered by a high differential or pump lift, while the latter is accomplished by compressed air.

The multi-media filter is used to use one or several filtration media, normal temperature operation, acid and alkali resistance, oxidation, and pH range of 2-13.

The system is equipped with perfect protection device and monitoring instrument, and it has anti-washing function, dirt and other pollutants are quickly washed away, water consumption is low, and automatic function can be set according to user's requirement.

Under certain pressure, the original solution can be filtered by flocculation, adsorption, interception and removal of impurities.

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The inner packing is generally: quartz sand, anthracite, granular porous ceramics, manganese sand, etc., users can choose to use according to the actual situation.

Its filtration precision is between 0.005-0.01m, which can effectively remove the colloidal particles and polymer organic matter.

Mainly used to remove suspended solids from water.

Activated carbon filter is mainly used for adsorption of free chlorine in water (99% adsorption), and also has a higher removal rate for organic matter and chromaticity.

It is the pretreatment equipment for the softening and desalting system.

The filter is activated carbon.

The main material of the equipment is carbon steel corrosion, glass steel and stainless steel.