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The working principle of disc filter and filter core height adjustment

Disc filter is mainly used in production process of modular design, can according to the filtration unit for when to use a variety of combination, so that you can to a certain extent, to satisfy the needs of different applications, backwash controller, simple operation, can according to pressure difference, time or the combination of the comprehensive control on the filter or workstation.

Laminated filter cartridges are not replaced for 15 years.

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Disc filter mainly consists of its filtration unit in parallel, the filter unit mainly consists of a set or edge ring with grooves enhance its plastic filter plate, in the process of filtering the sewage from the outside into the, neighboring filter plate of the groove edge on the formation of the rim water solid intercept down;

The water from the inside of the circular filter plate flows outside during the backflush, and the fillet from the filter plate is washed down and discharged through the drain.


Disc filter in the blanks in the superposition of cell is closely compacted together, its equipment and two layer grooves in the plate have the effect of filter interception, when making use of belongs to a kind of self-cleaning filters, using a number of patented technologies, install and use more secure, efficient, saving water, less land-saving and daily maintenance.


Disc filter filter design without spring, in the process of filtering the clever use of compact disc group of water pressure, so that it will make the backwashing pressure to greatly reduce, the entire device is to adopt unique built-in duckbill valve, ensure the maximum water yield, when the filter in the filter backwashing at the same time have very good non-return function.


Disc filter powder packaged filter skeleton, when making use of can be adjusted according to the requirements involved in the filter and the height, to adjust the function of filter area, meet different system requirements.

Ditching the commonly used metal clamp design, the filter unit USES the self-locking clasp to fit the special design of the sealing ring, the installation and removal of the filter unit shell is simple and easy, and the sealing effect is good.