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The working principle of deionized bed resin?

Jun 11, 2018

The purpose of the deion method is to remove the inorganic ions dissolved in water, as well as the hard water softener, which is also the principle of ion exchange resin.

Two resin-cation exchange resins and anion exchange resins are used here.

Cation exchange resin USES hydrogen ion (H+) to exchange cation;

The anion exchange resin USES hydroxide ions (OH-) to exchange anions, and the hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions combine to form neutral water. The reaction equation is as follows:

M + x + xH - Re - M - M - Rex + xH + 1

A to z + zOH - Re - A - Rez + zOH - 1

On the type of the M + x table cation, x table price, M + x cation and cation resin on H - Re hydrogen ion exchange, A to z table anion, z table electricity price, A to z with anion exchange resin, after releasing the OH - ions.

Mixed bed.jpg

H+ ions combine with OH- ions to form neutral water.

After the adsorption capacity of these resins is exhausted, it needs to be reduced again. The cation exchange resin needs strong acid to restore.