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The role of measuring instruments in industrial wastewater treatment

Jan 14, 2021

Because there are many impurities in the sewage monitored by the instrument and the environment is poor, it is often easy to cause large errors in online instrument measurement, or high damage rate, which greatly affects the strength of online monitoring of sewage treatment plants and the level of automatic control.

Due to the high concentration of pollutants and more suspended solids in the incoming water of the sewage treatment plant, it is easy to form fouling in the sampling pipe and the sampling pipe of the analytical instrument. Therefore, it is necessary to configure a water sample pretreatment unit and select an analysis that matches the water quality concentration Instrument range. When selecting equipment, the automatic control system of some large equipment with its own control system must be the same as the main control system in the factory. Otherwise, it is difficult for the equipment to establish communication with the entire automatic control system in the factory, or a larger cost is required to establish communication. . In addition, a set of detailed maintenance and operation procedures should be established during operation. For example, maintenance work must be planned and prepared in advance; the analytical instruments should be calibrated and calibrated regularly, pipelines and pretreatment units should be cleaned, and consumption should be replaced. Parts and vulnerable parts; strengthen the daily management of the online monitoring system.

Due to the special structure design of the sewage treatment plant and the large amount of sewage treatment, lightning strikes in the sewage treatment plant are generally more serious, posing a greater threat to the safe operation of outdoor equipment. Second and third level lightning protection for field equipment and instruments to prevent damage to field equipment and instruments due to lightning strikes. If these facilities are lacking in order to control the project cost, a greater price will be paid in the future operation and management work.