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The role of filter plate in filter press

Apr 01, 2020

There are many small holes at the bottom of the filter plate of the filter press equipment. The filter plate of the filter press equipment is convex on both sides. In the structural design, the purpose of letting the filter plate down is to prepare a storage space for the filter during the operation of the filter press equipment. The design of the blind spot at the bottom is the design of the blind spot, which can increase the friction between the filter plate and the filter cake To support the effect of filter cake, another purpose is to facilitate the rapid flow of water out of the equipment and improve work efficiency. Which factors have a direct impact on the service life and state of the filter press. The boss plays a role of mutual transmission, and of course prevents excessive pressure from causing damage to the filter press.

After passing through the distribution pipe, when the filtrate enters the filter chamber. Flowing into the filter cavity, the water permeates from the filter cloth and collects in the small hole in the lower part of the filter plate, and the water is discharged out of the device through the pipeline, thereby achieving solid-liquid separation.

So when we buy filter press equipment, we must first look at the filter plate, because the quality of the filter plate has a decisive influence on the quality of the filter press.