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The role of each component of the automatic filter press

Apr 08, 2020

The main components of the automatic filter press are composed of filter cloth, filter plate, hydraulic system, etc. Let's take a look at the functions of these three parts.

The filter chamber of the filter plate automatic filter press is composed of a filter plate and a filter cloth. The basic function of the filter plate is to construct the filter chamber of the equipment, and the filter structure of the equipment can be divided into two aspects, one is To form a filter cavity, one is to separate the mixed liquid. In addition, the filter plate also plays a role of fixing the filter cloth.

Filter cloth. The main function of the filter cloth is to directly separate the mixed liquid from solid and liquid, trap solids on the filter cloth, and pass the liquid through the filter cloth. Filter cloth is generally made of fibers through weaving, and its main function is to block solids, while liquids can quickly pass through the filter cloth and percolate out.

Hydraulic system: For automatic filter press accessories, the important part is the hydraulic system. This part uses hydraulic oil to generate powerful power to provide all power sources for the equipment. This power can play a role in every part of the equipment. The function, such as the pressure on the filter plate, is driven by the pull plate trolley, etc. In short, the hydraulic system is to provide the original power for the equipment, which is the basic condition to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

The main components of the automatic filter press are the filter cloth, filter cloth and filter plate of the hydraulic system. Each component is indispensable, and each component has its own role.