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The principle and composition of DTRO?

Jul 02, 2018

Disc tube film assembly mainly consists of RO diaphragm, guide disc, center pull rod, shell, flange at both ends and joint bolts.The filter diaphragm and the guide plate are stacked together, fixed with the center rod and end cover flange, and then placed into the pressure-resistant shell to form a disc tube film assembly.


After passing through the gap between the film reactor and the shell, the material liquid enters the bottom guide plate through the guide channel The treated liquid flows through the filter membrane at the shortest distance and then 180&ordm.Reverse to another membrane surface, and then from the inflow to the next filter diaphragm, which formed in the membrane surface by the guide plate of circumference of a circle to the circle center, and then to the circumference of a circle, and then to the center of the circle tangential flow filtration, concentrate the outflow from the feed end flange.As the liquid flows through the filter membrane, it is continuously discharged through the central collection tube.The concentrate is separated from the permeate by a concentrated o-ring mounted on the guide plate.