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The power plant wastewater reuse equipment price

Feb 05, 2018

Our company's self-patented technology power plant wastewater reuse equipment is currently selected sewage purification treatment equipment, with the following advantages:

  1. High degree of automation and good sewage treatment.

This equipment adopts three-level occurred, alternately, step by step derivative, logarithmic growth techniques, the generator produce microbial density up to 1.8 x 1020 cfu/ml, high-density microorganisms released into the purification treatment equipment, microbial biomass increased quickly in purification treatment equipment more than 104 mg/L to 2.0 x, pollutants in wastewater can be completely decomposed into CO2 and H2O, so that the sewage purification.

Plant wastewater reuse equipment .jpg

2. Wide adaptability.

The equipment for the ideal biological sewage purification treatment equipment, according to different types, different nature, different environment of the sewage treatment need, generate different species, different species, different temperature and different sewage treatment needs of microbes, especially suitable for urban sewage, rural domestic sewage, medical sewage, industrial wastewater, livestock and poultry breeding wastewater and high salt waste water, high ammonia nitrogen wastewater, poisonous and harmful wastewater, heavy metal waste water, waste leachate, such as waste or sewage water treatment needs.

This equipment can also be directly with contact oxidation method, AB method, the A/O method, oxidation ditch and SBR supporting old sewage treatment projects, such as changes in neither sewage treatment technology, also does not change under the condition of civil engineering, sewage treatment expansion, sludge reduction, nitrogen and phosphorus, water reuse and other purposes.

The equipment can also be used in landscape, river, lake, river, salt water lake, bay, land and other areas to remove micro-pollution and protect public environment.