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The main purpose of reverse osmosis equipment (1)

Jan 15, 2020

⒈Preparing pure water and high-purity water required by the electronics industry for processes such as CRT glass bulbs, CRTs, liquid crystal displays, circuit boards, computer hard disks, integrated circuits? Chips, and monocrystalline silicon semiconductors;

⒉Manufacture of thermal and thermal power generation boilers, softened water and desalinated pure water for medium and low pressure boiler feed water in factories and mines;

⒊ Preparation of medical infusions, injections, medicaments, pure water for biochemical products, sterile water for medical use, pure water for dialysis of artificial kidney, etc. required for the pharmaceutical industry;

⒋ Drinking pure water, distilled water, mineral water, beverage brewing water and pure water for blending in the beverage (including alcohol) industry;

⒌ Making domestic water and drinking water from seawater and brackish water;