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The main characteristics of wastewater reuse equipment

Dec 01, 2017

1. Without changing the chemical nature of water, it has no side effects on the human body.


2. The scaling effect is obvious.

Water treatment equipment installed in the water cycle system, the original scale under 2 mm thick, usually 30 days or so can gradually make its mobility, after processing scale is granular, with the sewage discharge tube, not blocking pipeline system, the old scale off later, within a certain range no longer produces the new scale.

 integrated water purifierNitrogen and phosphorus wastewater reuse equipment   .jpg

3. The equipment is small and easy to install, which can be used for a long time.


4. The water can be turned into magnetized water after the equipment, and it has certain inhibition and killing effect on bacteria in water.


5. Non-corrosive equipment can prolong the service life of the servo equipment.