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The knowledge of softening water core technology

Oct 20, 2017

Soft water hardness exceeding the reason analysis: 1, at the sampling mouth of the soft drink equipment is qualified, but the hydraulic tank in the hardness exceeding the standard, causing this phenomenon is the following reasons:

A, the regeneration cycle set too large, or flowmeter failure caused by the metering, so that the resin should be regenerated when not in time to regenerate, resulting in excess water injected into the soft water tank.

B, the washing time is too short, so that should be washed in the wash of the waste water is part of the soft tank.

C, water pressure instability caused by water supply of salt box too little, the absorption of salt is too small, is not enough, any of which can cause the regeneration of effluent hardness exceeding the water quality of soft water tank.

D, in the Salt box salt is very rare, not to add in time, resulting in a regeneration of a poor effect.

E, improper operation, in a regeneration process to close the water supply valve.

Water quality: The water quality of the downstream recycled-bed system is 20μs/cm to 1. Between 0μs/cm (depending on the actual process flow and water quality).